How to import Adobe XD designs into Axure and Axure Cloud?

I am a big fan of both Axure and Adobe XD! Therefore I’m happy folks behind Axure introduced a new plugin for Adobe XD that helps you to bring your Adobe XD designs into Axure.

How does this Axure plugin for Adobe XD work?

  1. The very first step you need to do is to open Adobe XD
    Head out to plugins lis, add a new plugin (“+”) and search for “Axure”. Or you can use this direct link.
  2. Then click the plugin name (“Axure”) and select on of the options listed:
    a) You can copy selection to paste selected artboards into Axure project
    b) You can copy all artboards to paste them all into Axure project
    c) You can export selection to Axure Cloud
    d) Or you can export all artboards to Axure Cloud

Importing Adobe XD designs into your Axure project

If you just need all your Adobe XD resources in Axure, just select one of the first two options: copy selection or copy all artboards.

Then you need to go to Axure and paste it (CMD+V) or Edit > Paste. After this you should see the content from Adobe XD in your Axure project.

Exporting Adobe XD designs into Axure Cloud

The second option is to export selected / all your artboards directly to Axure Cloud without using Axure app.

Note: You need a new Axure Cloud app for desktop for this. If you don’t have it, plugin will tell you to download it and will provide you the link.

How does it work?

If you select this option plugin opens Axure Cloud app and tells you to choose a project to continue. You can create a new Axure project or add it to any existing one. Once upload is done, you should have all your Adobe XD artboards / selected artboards sitting in Axure Cloud.

From here you can create a new prototype or inspect your designs.

Can this Axure plugin export to Cloud more than artboards?
At the moment (03/2020) this Axure plugin allows you only to export artboards and their content (all assets and other resources). It doesn’t export interaction or other behaviour properties from your designs.

If you have your prototype in Adobe XD designed, the prototype itself isn’t exported to the Axure Cloud: if you want to have there the similar level of interactivity link be able to click through it, you need to recreate it with tools Axure Cloud offer…

There’s also blogpost on Axure blog related to this.