Axure 10 is out – download now!

Ok, if you head out to the main Axure homepage, you can see the most recent version, version 10 is out.

I wrote an article about Axure 10 beta some time ago and now it’s was officially released into the wild!

What are the main benefits of all new and shiny Axure 10 according to its website?

The unique value proposition stays the same:

Axure is the only UX tool on the market that gives you power to build realistic and functional prototypes.

The website is promoting the areas where Axure still stays strong and beats the competitors like XD, Sketch or Figma (see list below).

What can you expect from Axure 10?

  • Interaction events – You can trigger all prototype interactions with mouse, touch or keyboard events.
  • Conditional logic – You can add conditions and variables to any element in your prototype to make it feel more real.
  • Working forms – It’s really easy to create forms with text fields, droplists, radio buttons or checkboxes.
  • Multi-state components – create and manage all the component states within one dynamic panel
  • Work with data in Axure RP – tables, grids and other dynamic content can be easily added into your Axure prototype
  • Design for responsive – Axure has been supporting for a long time ‘adaptive views’ which is a great feature if you need to prototype experiences with multiple breakpoints within one file – it is very easy to design and prototype responsive apps or webs in Axure.
  • User flows and diagrams – thanks to the dynamic connectors you can easily create user flows or screen flows that are always up to date.
  • Easy documentation – you can document, annotate and specify your design files and prototypes in Axure with built-in documentation feature that lets you put meta data to every element on screen
  • Effortless sharing and collaboration – share your work with one click and get feedback directly on-screen. There’s also a lot of integrations for tools and platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams.
  • Developer handout – If you have developers on your team, they can easily inspect all your prototypes and easily extract all important information for implementing them into the code.

Folks over at Axure also worked for version 10 for various plugins and integration for main competitors tools.

3 main design tools integrations for Axure 10

  1. Figmathis plugin helps you to copy frames from Figma into Axure RP
  2. Adobe XD – with Adobe XD plugin for Axure you can import layers from XD to Axure RP.
  3. Sketch – with Sketch plugin you can transfer all your artboards from sketch to Axure RP.

Axure 10 pricing

I mentioned this in the previous article about Axure 10 beta and I need to repeat it again if you missed it: it’s no longer possible to purchase standalone Axure license (read one time fee) as the subscription is now the only option.

What are the monthly prices for Axure license?

Pro License: You have to pay 29 USD per user (or 25 USD if paid annually)

Team License: You have to pay 49 USD per user (or 45 USD if paid annually) – this license option has co-authoring, revision history and team hosting on the cloud.

If you need special care or if you have non-standard needs (like single sign-on, private or on-premise security, publishing to internal domains etc.), there’s also enterprise plan for Axure RP 10 available.

Download Axure 10 now!

There’s free Axure 10 trial available. You can download it from the Axure website.