Axure RP 9 keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet for MacOS

I’m big believer in keyboard. I think every computer professional should sooner or later leverage keyboard shortcuts for the apps she’s been using for her daily work. It saves so much time!

And the same it is with Axure. If you spent in this UX/UI application a few hours a day, knowing all keyboard shortcuts make you more effective because in the end you will have more time and your workflow will be more streamlined. And if there’s someone watching you, it will look a way cooler than using your mouse for all the mundane tasks and operations 🙂

As I couldn’t find any nice Axure RP 9 keyboard shortcuts cheatsheets that I could print, I made one for myself.

Axure 9 keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet

I’m offering this Axure key shortcuts for free download to everyone. It’s print-ready, 3-page PDF. Enjoy!

Download Axure key shortcuts cheatsheet

Download now Axure RP 9 MacOS key shortcuts cheatsheet

(There’s also Windows version of this handy cheatsheet available)