Easy Axure RP integration with Slack

If you’re on a team that uses Slack as the primary tool for your communication, it can get very useful to connect your Axure RP account with this tool.

What are benefits of Axure and Slack integration?

For me the main reason why to think about connecting your Axure prototypes with Slack is that you will have all updates in one place: you don’t need to go to your inbox and check if there is a new prototype version or a comment from a stakeholder.

All advantages if you connect Axure to Slack: 

  • Get notifications for new comments
  • Get notifications for Axure prototype updates
  • Get notifications for new check-ins and changes to your Axure projects

How to connect Axure RP with Slack?

  1. Go to Axure Cloud – open desktop app or go to your browser.
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Click your profile picture in top right and select Notifications.
  4. Notification center for Axure Cloud will be opened. You should find there section called Slack notifications.
  5. Click New Slack Notification
  6. Now you will see all your projects and workspaces within Axure Cloud. Select appropriate project or workspace (or all of them) for receiving notifications and click Add.
  7. You will be redirected to Slack.com website where you need to put in your account details – you have to sign in to your Slack account, select channel for Axure notifications and create it by clicking to Authorize.
  8. Once done, you’ll be taken back to Axure Cloud Notification Center where you should see the notification rule you just created.

How to get prototypes previews in Slack?

If you’d like to have a preview for your prototype in your Slack channel, I also recommend to install Axure Cloud app from the Slack App Directory. Having it is quite handy if you’d like to stay in the loop without leaving your Slack workspace.

Note: Integration for Slack works only with prototypes that are stored on Axure Cloud.