Axure video course: From noob to master (free)

If you want to learn quickly new Axure 9, subscribe to VAexperience channel on YouTube. Vytautas Alech, the guy behind the channel, is doing amazing work by putting out a lot of useful and nicely produced video tutorials on Axure!

Video course playlist: Axure RP Prototyping: Noob to Master

Check out the first episode for this video tutorial course below or read related blogpost on VAexperience website with course overview.

Topics covered in this Axure video course:

  • How to convert Sketch design to Axure?
  • Working with buttons and links in Axure
  • How to create tabs in Axure?
  • How to create sliders and sliding content in Axure?
  • The basics for working with dynamic panels
  • How to work form elements and inputs?
  • How to make custom inputs and radio buttons in Axure?
  • How to fix elements in your Axure design?
  • Differences between masters and dynamic panels?
  • How to make responsive prototypes with Axure?
  • How to embed real content into Axure prototype?
  • Animation basics for Axure projects
  • How to create loding bar in Axure?
  • How to create parallax effect in Axure?
  • What are repeaters and how to work with them?
  • Working with date and time functions
  • What’s developer handoff and how does it work in Axure?
  • How to use custom fonts in your projects?
  • And many more…