How to turn on dark mode in Axure RP?

If you have visited Axure RP website in the last 12 months, you probably noticed this – the hero picture from latest Axure RP 9 that sits on the homepage showcases dark UI 🔥

Yes, there’s the option to turn on the dark mode in Axure and this article will tell you how to do it.

Does dark mode brings more advantages or disadvantages?

I know there are polarising opinions about benefits, advantages, disadvantages etc. of dark UIs when it comes to design apps and tools in general (some people love it, some people hate it…), but I love I have the option to choose.

Very often I work on my wireframes, concepts or prototypes in Axure really long hours and it is not uncommon for me to stay up late in the night. And that’s why I prefer to have the dark mode on my computer turned on. My eyes always thank me for this.

When I have my dark mode on, I also feel much more focused as the UI itself is less visible and the content I’ve been working on is in the center of my attention and stands out more. So the dark mode for me is more connected with deep work with less distractions.

So in any app – not just in Axure – when I can to choose, I prefer the dark side! (Yes, I’m speaking about user interfaces only :). My MacOS has been running in the dark mode since this feature has been introduced by Apple and I really love it.

Activation of the dark mode in Axure RP

So if you’d like to switch your Axure RP 9 to dark mode, it’s really easy process:

  1. Start Axure RP 9
  2. Go to Preferences (or press key F9 if you are on Windows)
  3. At the bottom of the Canvas tab there’s Appearance option where you can choose from:
    • Light Mode
    • Dark Mode
    • or Use System Setting

Dark mode in Axure RP 9 settings