How to connect Google Analytics and Hotjar to Axure prototype?

For me as a designer it is really valuable to see both qualitative and quantitative data from a research for my Axure prototypes and concepts. 

Why do you need data? Because you are not a GOD. In most of the cases you need go through more iterations until you nail “the best” result possible for your users. And this is why user research, usability testing or data analytics is so important for any good product!

Qualitative and quantitative research – what’s the difference?

Quantitative data research methods (like surveys or A/B testing) and platforms (like Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica or Adobe Analytics) tell you WHAT is happening in your app or on your website.

Qualitative methods (like usability lab studies, ethnographic research or focus groups) can uncover insights on WHY are these things happening.

You always need combination of both to make the best informed decision possible.

Data analytics for Axure RP prototypes

If you need to get the quantitative data for any existing website on the internet, you usually need to plug-in a piece of tracking code into your website’s HTML code.

If you need to analyse wireframe or prototype created in Axure RP, it is not so easy – there’s no option in the desktop application to just paste the code that has been generated in Google Analytics (or any other analytics app).

But if you have your Axure prototype generated to Axure Cloud (which is something you should do!), you can connect it to other services like Google Analytics or Hotjar and analyze the data easily!

How to connect Axure Cloud prototype to other apps?

The connection workaround is very simple in this case! As the Axure Cloud supports third party apps and plugins, you can simple follow the steps described below.

Step by step guide for connecting Axure Cloud prototype with Google Analytics or Hotjar

All you need to do for connecting Axure with Google Analytics or Hotjar is:

  1. Have accounts for Google Analytics and Hotjar
  2. Prototype that is published to Axure Cloud
  3. Once the prototype is opened on Axure Cloud, you need to go to plugins
  4. Here you can paste the code for Google Analytics or Hotjar

Really detailed tutorial by UX consultant Marie Kuter for connecting Axure with Google Analytics and Hotjar via Cloud can be found on her website:

Connect Axure Cloud + Hotjar + Google Analytics