How to easily import Figma designs to Axure RP?

If you’ve been working with designer who has delivered to you designs in Figma and you need to bring them to Axure, don’t worry, there’s an easy solution for it!

No, you don’t need to recreate all designs from Figma from scratch to work with them in Axure. Nothing like that.

All you need to do is to go to the Figma Community and search for official Axure RP plugin for Figma. With its help you’ll be able to easily transfer all selected frames from any Figma design file into Axure.

Step by step guide how to bring Figma designs to Axure

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Open the design file in Figma
  3. Select all the elements you want to transfer from Figma to Axure
  4. Go to Plugins → Axure → Copy Selection for RP
  5. Open Axure
  6. Paste (CMD+V if you’re on Mac or CTRL+V) everything to the canvas.
  7. And you’re done! 🔥

What happens to objects you import from Figma to Axure?

Axure will do all the heavy work for you as it works as you’d expect it should: everything will get converted into Axure RP widgets and you can work with them straight out of the box. The same applies to the structure, layer names etc.