How to find local Axure meetups and events?

If you’d like to meet in-person with people who are interested in Axure, you can join many of existing local Axure groups. One of the best ways how to find these groups is to use services like Meetup or Linkedin.

All you need to do is to put “Axure” in search and see results for yourself:

Quickly you can find Axure folks and meetups all around the globe: Axure Users Meetups in Chicago, Axure UXperts in Richmond, Axure RP Interactive Meetups in Mumbai, Axure meetup AXChange in Hamburg, AXChange in Berlin, Axure Meetups in NYC, Axure Vancouver Meetup, Axure meetups in London, Madrid, Helsinki or Berlin

If you have any other tips on connecting with local Axure people, please use comments below to let me know!