How to integrate Axure with Confluence?

Both Axure RP and Confluence are enterprise-grade tools so it makes a lot of sense you may want to integrate them together and connect data from one tool to the other.

The benefits of Axure and Confluence integration

If you connect your Axure account with Confluence, there’s a lot of benefits for you as a designer or owner of the Axure prototype and also other stakeholders or people on you team.

  1. You can easily embed Axure prototype to any Confluence page – it is as easy as it sounds. All you need to do is to paste the link to your prototype, set its height and voilá – you are ready to go! In a few seconds you can see the live version of your work inside the Confluence.
  2. Your prototype is always up-to-date – as you are embedding third-party site sitting on Axure Cloud to the Confluence, it’s always the most recent version of your design you published. This will kill all the questions if the version that is attached is the latest…
  3. Stakeholders can comment your Axure prototype from Confluence – getting feedback to your UX/UI designs is really easy with this integration as anyone with Confluence account can comment on your design right within the prototype. You’ll see their feedback in context of your wireframes, mockups or prototype. And what’s also good is that they don’t need to create an account for sending you their comments – they are already signed in with their Confluence account. It’s a breeze!

How to connect Axure with Confluence?

The installation for this Axure to Confluence integration is quite easy if you have Confluence admin rights. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Confluence account as an admin
  2. Locate the admin drop-down and select Add-ons
  3. Find the Axure for Confluence (You can find it on Atlassian Marketplace)
  4. Click Install and you are ready to go!