Download iOS 14 library for Axure RP 9

If you need to design a mobile app for Apple device, you need to get yourself familiar with the latest iOS 14.

This operating system for Apple devices has been out for a few months and it’s slowly becoming a standard for you as a designer or prototyper to deliver your Axure wireframes and prototypes using the same patterns as everybody is used to.

So what do you need to do to design for iOS 14 in Axure?
You can recreate all patterns on your own (which is HUGE time investment), or you can download some of the libraries out there.

Apple Human Interface Guidelines templates are usually free but not for Axure…

Apple usually provides its iOS library for free download on their website. The downside is that they only support only a few programs and applications like Sketch, Adobe XD or Adobe Photoshop. So there’s no official iOS 14 library for Axure. The market for this is still – in comparison to the apps apps mentioned above – very small and limited. But there’s a solution for this.

If you don’t mind spending a few bucks, you can save yourself a lot of time by purchasing one of the iOS14 libraries for Axure made by third-party developers/designers. One of them is iOS 14 Axure Widget Library by Axure Themes.

What you can get from iOS 14 Axure Widget Library?

  • 300+ pixel-perfect widgets for your iOS 14 projects, all built to spec using Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines
  • One very well organised library
  • Components and icons are completely vector and fully editable
  • Support for both light and dark themes
  • Separate templates and components file for easy copy and pasting if using a widget library isn’t for you.
  • Free updates for life.

Want to see what’s inside of this Axure iOS 14 library?

You can see the preview on your own here.

The price

This Axure library is not free and it’s for $29 for individual license. But still I believe it’s worth the money as you’d spend a lot of time recreating iOS 14 UI on your own…