How to switch from Sketch, Figma or Adobe XD to Axure RP?

If you’ve been more UI designer than UX designer, very probably you are proficient with tools like Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD. Or any other visual design tool like Adobe Photoshop or Affinity Designer.

But what if you’d like to switch from tools above to Axure RP? Or maybe you just need to level-up your skills and learn one more tool that your potential employer mentioned in job description for your dream design role?

No worries! There’s a neat article that help you switch to Axure RP in literally no time if you are familiar with UI design tools mentioned above.

The article by Lucian Dinu is called Understanding Axure RP 9 fore UI/UX designers and it covers the fundamentals every new Axure RP user needs to know. You’ll quickly learn all basic an important concepts like:

  • What are basic design tools in Axure?
  • What’s the difference between artboard and canvas?
  • What is and how to work with library in Axure?
  • What are widgets and how to work with them?
  • Interaction model in Axure: events, triggers and actions.

If you are Axure beginner who would like to get quick introduction, go and read it!