Top 11 Axure 9 pro tips you NEED to know!

There’s a nice article about Axure RP 9 that contains 11 pro tips that everyone who uses Axure should know.

The best tips and tricks for Axure:

  1. How to use Axure RP 9 license key on multiple computers?
  2. How to switch to dark mode in Axure RP 9?
  3. How to customise toolbars and Axure 9 UI?
  4. Why you should use Axure Cloud over Axure Share?
  5. How to manage Axure Cloud notifications?
  6. What is low fidelity mode in Axure and why you should use it?
  7. Working with fonts in Axure RP
  8. What is drop behaviour in Axure RP?
  9. How to work with Interaction Editor in Axure RP?
  10. How to have more conditions for one interaction?
  11. How to import assets from Sketch, FIgma or Adobe XD into Axure RP?

Full article is here: