What I hate about Axure 9.0

(I’m constantly updating this list as I find something that bugs me in new Axure 9)

Things I hate about Axure 9

  • Mouse over effects are not part of the text style: When I design text links and I have multiple instances of one layer, when colour for links changes, you have to do all the edits manually – there’s no way to update the text style as mouseover effects are not part of it. In Axure 8 it worked in a way I’d expect.
  • You can’t change master’s size: It’s great there are overrides for masters but it makes them unusable as you have no option to play with its size on level of individual instances.
  • Panels organisations: In default view you always have Pages and Outline next to each other. I hate it as one more click is always needed because you constantly need to switch between individual pages and layers. The same is for Libraries and Masters. Again, this is something Axure 8 had corrently / in a way I’d expect. (And yes, I know I can change the UI in a way I want).
  • No spacing options when distributing objects: You can distribute all objects in the page horizontally or vertically but you can’t set your own spacing in pixels. Axure do this for you based on first / last selected object. I consider this as a must in any modern UI software.
  • Unpredictable aligning: if there’s one thing that drives me nuts, it’s the way how Axure aligns objects. I always have to think when using this feature. The app behaves differently based on the way how you select the objects you want to align. If you select multiple individual objects with CMD + click, the result is always aligned to the first object selected. But if you select multiple objects with click and drag, it doesn’t matter which object came first. It’s hell how inconsistent it is… 😒🤯
  • Default support for text style responsiveness: I’d like to be able to define different font sizes for different breakpoints when working with Adaptive Views. You can do it but you mustn’t update widget styles as the style is global and not connected to one particular view.